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Internet Filtering We present our own Sand Filter ™ a combination of custom, proprietary and open source software.
Built in functions:

Web Filter, Virus Blocking, Protocol Control (Instant Messengers), Spam Blocker, Spyware Blocker, Phishing Blocker, Attack Blocker, IPS, Firewall, VPN, QoS & Reports

Additional Subscription Functions: Policy Manager, Live Support, More powerful Virus Blocker

Overview of filtering:

The two main components that stop users from viewing web sites or using instant messenger and file sharing programs are the Web Filter and the Protocol Control. In the web filter you can set the system to stop various categories, such as pornography, or specific web sites. In the Protocol Control section you can stop Instant messengers and file sharing programs like Ares and Bit Torrent.

Limits of this device:

If you turn on blocking for specific web sites and categories (pornography, violence...), you can override that blocking for specific individuals. This override allows these individuals to bypass the Web Filter. You cannot allow a single web site or category for a specific individual and continue to block the remaining sites or categories – an override bypasses all web site filtering for that person.

Additionally, if you turn on blocking for instant messengers and file sharing programs this cannot be overridden and applies to all devices plugged into the switch connected to the filter.

This package will meet most requirements, but if greater control is necessary you can upgrade your package with professional modules for a small yearly subscription fee. These modules will allow you to have various groups with various permissions and to design exclusions that are not available in the free version. These exclusions can also be time based (allow all web sites during lunch and after hours).

Option 1: Hardware & open source software  Request for Quote

Option 2: Faster Hardware & open source software             

Request for Quote
On Site Installation additional Request for Quote
Filtering customization (remotely)Request for Quote
Additional subscription modules starting at:Request for Quote
1 yr hardware warranty after first 90 days (RTF)Request for Quote
Hardware Specifications: Option1: Designed for offices with up to 10 users Newly released Intel Atom Dual Core CPU & Motherboard 1 Gig RAM Hard Drive Case & Power Supply Networking interfaces Measures: 5.25”h x 8.75”w x 13.5”d (This unit is capable of running Windows XP or Vista - It is only lacking a monitor and keyboard) Option 2: Designed for offices over 10 users or offices with high internet usage Dual core Mini ITX Motherboard Core 2 CPU or greater 2 Gig RAM Hard Drive Case & Power Supply Networking interfaces Measures: 4.5"w x 10.25h x 10.5"d (This unit is also capable of running Windows 7 or 8 but faster than the above unit) Installation:

This unit goes between the router and your switch. An external 4,5,8,16 ,24 or 48 port switch must be added if you’re using the ports on your router as your switch as these will not be filtered ports. This filtering device will use 1 port on that external switch. If you have 4 PC’s in your office then you will need a 5 port switch with this filtering device. If you also have a printer that is networked, you must allow for that to be connected as well.

If you are using a router with a switch and it has the wireless option then you will need a different router or the wireless clients will not be filtered and may not be able to reach local resources such as a networked printer.